MArka Tescil

Trademark search is first and the most important step of the registration. Our search process is not limited with Turkish Patent Institute database; we also expand trademark search in our private searching portal which belongs to only Marpataş and it gives more clear and reliable results. All the similarities are determined by examining on criteria of equivalent meaning in other languages, phonetic and single sound similarities for the trademark that requested by the client.

In this way, our clients get informed about all risks and possibilities related to searched trademark just before the registration process start.


Registered trademark are protected for 10 years after the filling date. Protection period can be extended by renewing the registration for 10 years.

A renewal application starts 6 months before the last date of the month when the protection period expired and ends on the last day of the months when the protection period expired. After trademark expires, a six-month grace period for payment will apply. During this grace period, the renewal may still be submitted by paying the renewal fee plus any applicable extension fees. If, the renewal is not submitted within the grace period the registration will be cancelled.


In trademark terms, an opposition is a formal objection to an action. Any real or legal person can file oppositions based on relative grounds; if he/she has an earlier application or registration before Turkish Patent Institute, if he/she thinks that his/her mark is a famous mark that should be protected for different goods/services, if he/she has used the mark before any registration/application at the TPI, if he/she thinks that the application will create confusion with any of his/her other earlier IP rights (like copyright, trade name, industrial design, etc.) or if he/she thinks the application is made in bad faith.

The most important step at this point to lodge an appeal against these oppositions by knowing how to use law and regulations, experiences.

Trademark Watching Service

Trademark watching service is a periodical revision of recently published trademarks. This revision identifies verbal and graphical elements, phonetic similarities, local dialects and graphic elements that could be considered similar to a particular trademark and could present a risk to its value. Trademark watching service is an important tool in the proactive monitoring of registered marks and devices, helping you to identify and act against infringement and misuse of your trademark in a timely manner.

Recordal of Changes

The protection of your trademark rights and to avoid infringement and misuse of your trademark, all the changes such as merger, a change on the name or type of proprietor, the whole or partial transfer, an inheritance, cancellation or restriction of a trademark registration must be filed before Turkish Patent Institute.