About Us

MARPATAŞ was established in 1985 with the motto “To Avoid Saying If Only Tomorrow” to provide services in all areas of intellectual and industrial property rights.

Since the day it was founded, MARPATAŞ has continued to work for the development of industrial rights awareness and continues to cooperate with many national and international institutions and organizations to protect the rights of its clients.

Building its strong staff on trust, MARPATAŞ has gained the place it deserves in the sector with its client portfolio and has experienced the happiness of being a sought-after office.

MARPATAŞ has always continued to reassure its clients with its new generation technological infrastructure.

With its experienced team that constantly renews and develops itself, it will continue to prioritize client satisfaction and work for the better.

With Respect and Trust…


General Manager

2023 © Marpataş | All rights reserved.

2023 © Marpataş | All rights reserved.