Marpataş successfully moves forward in to the future with its image based on mutual trust and respect.

We create human resource planning compatible with our policies and strategies based on corporate culture to be an organization that can adapt to changing world conditions and business systems, to improve knowledge of employees and to keep their motivation high.

Marpataş configures an objective and standard process by giving equal opportunities to candidates in recruitments. All job applications accepted via our cv pool, professional human resources portals and references. With human resources policies which support personnel and professional development of its employees, encourage them to high performance and raise their life quality.

Marpataş implements employee satisfaction surveys to ensure the continuous development of human resources increase the value added to the company and meet the expectations and needs of employees. Also, Marpataş organizes educational programmes to improve efficiency according to result of performance analysis.

Marpatas is committed in taking a proactive role in both social responsibility and environmental sustainability in all facets of business.

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