Consulting Services


Marpatas offers a consultancy service in all fields of intellectual property. A professional team will provide information and assistance on issues related to trademarks, patents, building patterns, industrial design, geographic indications, integrated circuits, and international registration processes.

Brand Consulting

Marpataş offers a professional consulting service in the field of trademarks by trained and specialized brand consultants and lawyers. This includes pre-analysis of brands and potential risks, assistance with trademark application and monitoring, as well as legal services.

Patent Consulting

Marpataş offers in the field of patents a professional consulting service of trained and specialized patent consultants, engineers and lawyers. This includes pre-analysis of patents, utility models, industrial designs and integrated circuits based on a technical infrastructure. There is also help with the patent application and monitoring process and assistance with general technical issues.

International Brand and Patent Consulting

For international clients, Marpataş offers a service based on the expert knowledge of consultants, lawyers and engineers, which informs about copyright laws and regulations of the respective country. It also informs about international trademark application and patenting options and helps with the application and registration process. You can find more information under “International Registration Service” on this website.