Professional and Ethical Rules

Marpataş aims to serve professional and ethical rules and to work scrupulous, righteous and tenaciously by giving special attention to maintain its reputable position in its sector.


Marpataş always protects the ideas of clients due to “privacy policy” which has priority importance within the company.


Marpataş, holds the principle of mutual trust with its clients. Therefore, Marpataş establishes long-term relationship with its clients.


Marpataş always has made a consistent cooperation with the organizations that provide services and also get service by adopting the principle of integrity.

Sincerity and Transparency

Marpataş always ensured customer satisfaction with the services by prioritising productivity, efficiency, sincerity and transparency.

Quality Service Approach

Marpataş never compromise the quality of its services and always gain satisfaction of the clients.

Team Work

Marpataş always believes that successful business occurs with teamwork.


Marpataş; always follows all the developments and innovations in the sector day by day in domestic and overseas and integrates these innovations to its structure and provides all services to its customer with these innovations to protect them against harmful aspects of economical and commercial developments.