Marpataş is one of the first established Intellectual Property firm in Turkey and founded by Turkey’s first patent & trademark attorneys Mr.Yaşar TOZAR, Mr.Burçin ELMASTAŞI and the deceased Mr.Savaş Ölmez.

In 1979, Marpataş has started to business practice in the field of Intellectual Property and incorporated in 1985.

Marpataş has opened its first branch in Europe site of Istanbul in 1996 and opened second branch in Asian site of Istanbul in 2004 in order to meet growing business volume by expanding its professional team. Marpataş made contribution to form constituent of the Intellectual Property sector in Turkey and has created reliable and reputable identity in Intellectual Property area with the experiences of its founders and expert team.

Marpataş who is providing Intellectual Property services to big brands of Turkey, steadily grow since its inception and also continue to be one of the first in its sector in the international arena by new projects and business partnerships.

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